17.Rick Sherwood(non-registered)
Robert, great photos you take. I obviously like the knife photos and all the others are pretty amazing. Love the ones from Stratford upon Avon and London as they are both places we visit, being about 1 hour from our home.
Nice collection of landscapes
15.Myles Dillane(non-registered)
Hey Mr.McFarlane, i really enjoyed your beautiful pictures :) truly inspiring.
14.Aaron Fuller(non-registered)
Hey Robert! Wonderful photos! Thank you for showing me one of your many talents. I'll see you soon my friend!
12.Jack ONeill(non-registered)
Hello Robert

My wife noticed your site here while looking on the forum ( I guess I do not pay much attention to some things. ) Some very beautiful pictures . She paints and would like to paint a couple with your permission .
Jack ONeill
10.Barb (The Point of Light Store and Centre, Newmarket)(non-registered)
Hi Robert, your images are wonderful! I love the retouch explorations. Thanks for sharing them. Also, just wondering do you do any portrait photography in natural settings?
9.Mason Leeth(non-registered)
Dang Robert! You are Lethal with that camera! I need to get you to start taking photographs of my knives for my website!! You take crazy good pics!!
Great pics Rob...beyond impressed
7.andrew takach(non-registered)
nice photography, would you be interested in photographing knives
Robert, after meeting you yesterday I had to check out your website. These images are fantastic, especially the swans and landscapes. I am from England, so I paid special attention to these; not so much the architecture, but the landscape, the pub. Very surreal. Keep doing what you are doing so very well.
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